Abandoned Factory in Iwatsuka.

So, on the way home from work, on the same day I photoed the abandoned shops, I stopped by my main target, the abandoned small factory: WP_20140909_16_28_01_Pro This place I’ve been past a few times, and has many interesting details. The stairs: WP_20140909_16_28_17_Pro The outside toilet…….nice……. WP_20140909_16_28_48_Pro Some signs:   WP_20140909_16_29_28_Pro WP_20140909_16_29_05_ProSome general stuff left behind by the owner:


The stairs, electricity meter and some garbage from just outside the forecourt wall:

WP_20140909_16_31_01_Pro WP_20140909_16_31_48_Pro WP_20140909_16_31_58_Pro

And my favorite, the letter box shot:


Finally, a picture of a broken window.


This is on the right hand side of the building, as you look at the front.

Unfortunately, this is the final picture, because at this point, I looked up, and noticed one of the upstairs office windows was open.  So somebody has been in there? Is this place really abandoned?

Then I looked left, and noticed a van parked in front of the building, with a guy getting out wondering why I was taking pictures of his building!

Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, I perfected the art of walking away quickly enough to dissuade pursuit, but not so quickly that it I appeared to be running away….little was I to know that this was a skill that would come in handy the next day, too.

Thanks again for reading!

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Abandoned Shops in Nagoya.

On my way to work at a lab in Iwatsuka, Nagoya, and I passed my favourite group of abandoned shops. I also noticed that the abandoned tax dormitory I featured as one of my first posts is being converted for use again….. abandoned no more, sadly. Only a few pictures of this, as my main target was on the way home.

And I know the yellow building probably isn’t abandoned, but I think it looks fantastic, so I left it in.

The main shop, with the ripped up awning is a type of restaurant called a yaki-niku (焼肉) restaurant. I recommend you try yaki-niku if you ever come to Japan. It’s great!

Thanks for reading!

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Doomed Arcade/Mall.

WP_20140825_21_00_20_ProFirst night in Takasago, and I decide to go for a little wander.  Completely by chance, I stumble upon this…..almost completely abandoned old shopping mall/arcade!  I couldn’t believe my luck!  Being about 9.30 at night, the place was completely deserted, giving it a really spooky, abandoned atmosphere.

WP_20140825_21_02_59_Pro WP_20140825_21_02_47_ProAlthough there are a lot of lights, and a lot of shop signs, about 90% of them are closed and abandoned.  Only a model shop selling  Tamiya model kits, and a small musical instrument shop remained open for business, although I didn’t know that until I returned slightly earlier in the evening two days later.   But first, a picture of the other end of the mall/arcade:

WP_20140825_21_05_51_ProSo, after getting caught up in the abandoned houses and abandoned clinic on my second day in Takasago, I went back to the mall/arcade (which is the correct term?  I’m really not sure…) on my last day there, in the early evening to get some daylight shots.

WP_20140827_18_36_56_Pro WP_20140827_18_37_04_ProSo this was about 4 or 5pm, so all the shops should have been open, but…..


The house you see below is the back of shop in the middle on the the left of this picture.

The musical instrument shop is down here on the left.  It’s the only open shop in this alleyway.

WP_20140827_18_39_39_Pro WP_20140827_18_37_49_Pro WP_20140827_18_37_39_Pro WP_20140827_18_37_19_ProAs you can see, all closed on this street.  The Tamya model shop is behind me.

WP_20140827_18_40_27_Pro WP_20140827_18_41_03_Pro

That light is the musical instrument shop.  Apart from that, all the units are dead.

WP_20140827_18_41_20_Pro WP_20140827_18_41_32_ProI wandered outside again, and managed to get around the back of the shops.  Some of them were also houses, which are also abandoned now.

This wall is the wall of the dark part of the arcade from the outside.  If you open that door, you’ll arrive straight back into the dark corridor.  To the left is the back of the music shop, and to the right is an abandoned shop/house.

WP_20140827_18_44_26_Pro WP_20140827_18_43_16_ProAnd here are some pictures of the abandoned house which is behind the abandoned shop that fronts onto the arcade street.  Must have been a family business at some point, but now there is no way to know what they even sold….

WP_20140827_18_45_11_Pro WP_20140827_18_45_05_Pro WP_20140827_18_44_46_Pro WP_20140827_18_43_53_Pro WP_20140827_18_43_27_Pro WP_20140827_18_43_21_ProIt was the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this, so I was really happy to find it.  I have to say it’s my favorite find so far in Japan! I call it the doomed arcade because it’s almost dead.  How long until it’s knock down to make way for more houses or another shopping mall that is the same as every other mall in Japan?  Not long, sadly.  Less character, more blandness.  That’s a real shame if you ask me.

Thanks for looking!

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Old Town, Old Buildings.


I had the pleasure of being in Takasago, in Hyogo prefecture, for 3 nights on business.  If you’d ever been to Takasago, you’d probably wonder why I’d enjoy staying in a town that has a business hotel, a train station, a convenience store and, er, that’s it.  It’s what the Japanese call ‘Inaka’, basically very rural and quiet.  But because the town is so quiet, it also has many old buildings. This is my 2nd post, showing all the old, abandoned houses I could find.  Basically, I found one old, abandoned house, then started wandering around the back streets, taking photos of all the old , abandoned buildings I found.  Which was a lot.  So I’m just gonna put up all the pictures for you to enjoy, without any notes.  Hope you like them.



WP_20140826_16_40_34_Pro WP_20140826_16_40_28_Pro WP_20140826_16_40_23_Pro WP_20140826_16_40_12_Pro WP_20140826_16_39_57_Pro WP_20140826_16_39_41_Pro

WP_20140826_16_39_27_Pro WP_20140826_16_39_21_Pro WP_20140826_16_39_18_Pro WP_20140826_16_39_14_Pro WP_20140826_16_38_47_Pro WP_20140826_16_38_43_Pro WP_20140826_16_36_01_Pro WP_20140826_16_35_38_Pro WP_20140826_16_35_16_Pro WP_20140826_16_35_04_Pro WP_20140826_16_34_58_Pro WP_20140826_16_34_34_Pro WP_20140826_16_34_28_Pro WP_20140826_16_34_24_Pro WP_20140826_16_34_02_Pro WP_20140826_16_33_58_Pro


WP_20140826_16_33_49_Pro WP_20140826_16_33_30_ProWP_20140826_16_33_27_Pro

WP_20140826_16_33_18_Pro WP_20140826_16_31_09_Pro WP_20140826_16_31_03_Pro WP_20140826_16_30_50_Pro WP_20140826_16_30_45_Pro WP_20140826_16_27_30_Pro WP_20140826_16_27_08_Pro WP_20140826_16_26_45_Pro WP_20140826_16_26_30_Pro WP_20140826_16_26_18_Pro WP_20140826_16_26_02_Pro WP_20140826_16_25_55_Pro WP_20140826_16_25_51_Pro

Sorry for the all pictures together style, by the way, it’s not my normal approach, and I’ll try not to do it too often.

Out of interest, I’m writing this on the shinkansen to Hiroshima, using a Windows 8 tablet, a bluetooth keyboard, and tethering the data connection from my Lumina.  Ain’t technology great?

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So, I’ve been to Shinagawa a few times for work, first couple of times I was really impressed, but now it’s a bit meh.
Still, it’s better than being stuck in the office…

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Abandoned Clinic.

So whilst staying in Takasago, Hyogo prefecture, I started looking around for all the different abandoned buildings I could find, because there is basically bugger all else to do there.  And I found some great stuff, including this abandoned clinic and the connected house.


I tired the front door, and had a good look around, but it seems to be sealed up tight, so only pictures from the outside, unfortunately.



It was this bike stand that got ma attention in the first place…..


WP_20140827_16_46_19_Pro WP_20140827_16_46_28_Pro  Here are some shots of the house. No way to see in, but it’s definitely abandoned.

WP_20140827_16_45_49_Pro   WP_20140827_16_45_41_Pro

A view along the side of the clinic.


And some night shots.

WP_20140826_20_05_04_Pro WP_20140826_20_04_55_Pro WP_20140826_20_04_41_Pro

And last of all, the sign.


This is the first part of three reports from Takasago, I’ll leave the best for last…….


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General Abandonment in Narumi.

So, I’ve taken a lot of photos of many abandoned places recently, but technical problems, combined with a hectic work schedule, are preventing me from publishing finished articles. To keep this place ticking over for now, here are a few random pictures I snapped on the way to Narumi station after walking over an hour to find another abandoned site.

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