Abandoned Clinic.


So whilst staying in Takasago, Hyogo prefecture, I started looking around for all the different abandoned buildings I could find, because there is basically bugger all else to do there.  And I found some great stuff, including this abandoned clinic and the connected house.


I tired the front door, and had a good look around, but it seems to be sealed up tight, so only pictures from the outside, unfortunately.



It was this bike stand that got ma attention in the first place…..


WP_20140827_16_46_19_Pro WP_20140827_16_46_28_Pro  Here are some shots of the house. No way to see in, but it’s definitely abandoned.

WP_20140827_16_45_49_Pro   WP_20140827_16_45_41_Pro

A view along the side of the clinic.


And some night shots.

WP_20140826_20_05_04_Pro WP_20140826_20_04_55_Pro WP_20140826_20_04_41_Pro

And last of all, the sign.


This is the first part of three reports from Takasago, I’ll leave the best for last…….


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