Old Town, Old Buildings.


I had the pleasure of being in Takasago, in Hyogo prefecture, for 3 nights on business.  If you’d ever been to Takasago, you’d probably wonder why I’d enjoy staying in a town that has a business hotel, a train station, a convenience store and, er, that’s it.  It’s what the Japanese call ‘Inaka’, basically very rural and quiet.  But because the town is so quiet, it also has many old buildings. This is my 2nd post, showing all the old, abandoned houses I could find.  Basically, I found one old, abandoned house, then started wandering around the back streets, taking photos of all the old , abandoned buildings I found.  Which was a lot.  So I’m just gonna put up all the pictures for you to enjoy, without any notes.  Hope you like them.



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WP_20140826_16_33_49_Pro WP_20140826_16_33_30_ProWP_20140826_16_33_27_Pro

WP_20140826_16_33_18_Pro WP_20140826_16_31_09_Pro WP_20140826_16_31_03_Pro WP_20140826_16_30_50_Pro WP_20140826_16_30_45_Pro WP_20140826_16_27_30_Pro WP_20140826_16_27_08_Pro WP_20140826_16_26_45_Pro WP_20140826_16_26_30_Pro WP_20140826_16_26_18_Pro WP_20140826_16_26_02_Pro WP_20140826_16_25_55_Pro WP_20140826_16_25_51_Pro

Sorry for the all pictures together style, by the way, it’s not my normal approach, and I’ll try not to do it too often.

Out of interest, I’m writing this on the shinkansen to Hiroshima, using a Windows 8 tablet, a bluetooth keyboard, and tethering the data connection from my Lumina.  Ain’t technology great?

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3 Responses to Old Town, Old Buildings.

  1. SandyW says:

    Am enjoying your sense of humour 🙂


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  3. Barry Saunders says:

    You have an interesting approach to Japan! Sadly, with over 50% of Japanese living in single person households, and the average age approaching 60, looks like you have a booming future for abandoned building photos!


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