Abandoned Shops in Nagoya.

On my way to work at a lab in Iwatsuka, Nagoya, and I passed my favourite group of abandoned shops. I also noticed that the abandoned tax dormitory I featured as one of my first posts is being converted for use again….. abandoned no more, sadly. Only a few pictures of this, as my main target was on the way home.

And I know the yellow building probably isn’t abandoned, but I think it looks fantastic, so I left it in.

The main shop, with the ripped up awning is a type of restaurant called a yaki-niku (焼肉) restaurant. I recommend you try yaki-niku if you ever come to Japan. It’s great!

Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to Abandoned Shops in Nagoya.

  1. I’m getting addicted to anything Japanese, are these shots from you phone or a camera, like the colour tones.


    • nagoyablue74 says:

      All pictures on here are taken by my phone. I’d love to carry a proper camera about, but its not practical! That’s why I bought a Nokia, even though they aren’t available in Japan. Best camera phones you can get.


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