Abandoned Factory in Iwatsuka.

So, on the way home from work, on the same day I photoed the abandoned shops, I stopped by my main target, the abandoned small factory: WP_20140909_16_28_01_Pro This place I’ve been past a few times, and has many interesting details. The stairs: WP_20140909_16_28_17_Pro The outside toilet…….nice……. WP_20140909_16_28_48_Pro Some signs:   WP_20140909_16_29_28_Pro WP_20140909_16_29_05_ProSome general stuff left behind by the owner:


The stairs, electricity meter and some garbage from just outside the forecourt wall:

WP_20140909_16_31_01_Pro WP_20140909_16_31_48_Pro WP_20140909_16_31_58_Pro

And my favorite, the letter box shot:


Finally, a picture of a broken window.


This is on the right hand side of the building, as you look at the front.

Unfortunately, this is the final picture, because at this point, I looked up, and noticed one of the upstairs office windows was open.  So somebody has been in there? Is this place really abandoned?

Then I looked left, and noticed a van parked in front of the building, with a guy getting out wondering why I was taking pictures of his building!

Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, I perfected the art of walking away quickly enough to dissuade pursuit, but not so quickly that it I appeared to be running away….little was I to know that this was a skill that would come in handy the next day, too.

Thanks again for reading!

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3 Responses to Abandoned Factory in Iwatsuka.

  1. SandyW says:

    Looking forward to seeing more.


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