Hiroshima Airport.


This is the story of my trip to the old Hiroshima airport.  I’ve worked near here quite often, but as far as I was aware the main buildings were still in use, despite flights stopping some years ago.  Currently, there is a rather infrequent helicopter service running from here, and I though there was a shopping mall in the old terminal building.  Having read the Wikipedia entry linked above, however, it seemed it may be more abandoned than I had thought.  So I went to check it out….

The car park looking quite abandoned.

WP_20150828_17_04_31_ProWP_20150828_17_02_59_RichWP_20150828_17_05_45_ProAnd my first view of the old terminal building.

WP_20150828_17_04_42_ProWP_20150828_17_03_28_ProWP_20150828_17_03_38_RichAlthough the offices for the local football team, Sanfrecce Hiroshima, are to the right of the taxis in the middle picture, the rest was looking kinda abandoned, so I walked over to take a closer look.

Here is the name of the shopping mall that used to be here when the airport was open, and a space to put adverts for the shops etc.  This is just behind the taxis. All empty now….

WP_20150828_17_01_41_ProWP_20150828_17_01_34_ProWP_20150828_17_01_07_ProNext to that, on the right, are some wrecked tourist information boards.


WP_20150828_16_58_41_ProI really loved these!

Next, I moved on to the corner of the L-shaped building.

An entrance, and an old sign.

WP_20150828_16_59_28_ProWP_20150828_16_59_18_ProWP_20150828_16_59_37_ProOn the other side of this was the terminal check-in area!

The lights are on, but no one is home….

WP_20150828_17_06_33_ProWP_20150828_17_06_48_ProWP_20150828_17_06_52_ProWP_20150828_17_07_10_ProWP_20150828_17_07_26_ProNeat to the check in area was a restaurant.

WP_20150828_17_08_02_ProWas it still open?  A quick look through the window said…..no.

WP_20150828_17_08_17_ProThen I found…a way in!  An unlocked door, to allow staff of the helicopter company to come in and out.

WP_20150828_17_09_46_ProDid I dare enter?

Yes, I did.  After sneaking past the entrance to the helicopter companies offices on the right, it was past the bollards and down the corridor on the left.

A couple of minutes walk brought me to the doors that lead to the check-in area I’d seen through the window earlier.


At this point, I left due to the fact that I was completely unprepared as I never imagined I’d be able to gain access. I had 3 or 4 kinds of ID on me, including my company ID card, a massive back pack due to an overnight stay in Hiroshima last night ready for work today,  even a company laptop!  Also, right outside the window I took photos through earlier, was a bus stop!  To much exposure, too risky…

Anyway, now I know it’s accessible, next time I’m in the area for a few days rather than a one night stay, maybe I’ll check it out, and see if I can get up to the second floor….

Thanks for reading!

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