Negishi Racecourse Grandstand.

One of the most famous abandoned places in Japan, I knew it had been well documented, such as in this report by Jordy Meow.   However, being in Yokohama and having a little time to kill before my Shikansen left, as the the train pulled into Negishi station, I decided to jump off and check it out at the last moment.

It was the correct decision.

After clambering up a massive hill, I followed the map until i found the United States Fleet housing complex, and then I saw it:


It was big.  And impressive.


So I had a look around at it’s beautiful, plant covered towers.

From the back of the grandstand.

WP_20151005_16_43_42_Pro WP_20151005_16_43_12_Pro

WP_20151005_16_43_00_Rich  This is the front, which would have been facing the race track.


Walking around the back, a warning sign….

WP_20151005_16_46_16_Pro WP_20151005_16_46_41_Pro WP_20151005_16_46_25_Pro

I walked around to the other end.

WP_20151005_16_49_55_Rich WP_20151005_16_50_46_Rich WP_20151005_16_51_14_Pro

I was slightly confused at this point, as Jordy had described it as a fortress, but it backs onto a park, which would be empty in the early morning, and than all you’d need to do is hop the fence.  Not so tough.  But how to get inside?  I looked around for an entry point.

WP_20151005_16_47_08_Pro WP_20151005_16_47_54_Pro WP_20151005_16_48_50_Rich WP_20151005_16_48_59_Rich WP_20151005_16_49_26_Rich WP_20151005_16_47_30_Pro WP_20151005_16_47_20_Pro

Nothing stood out.  Except the security camera…..

Either things have been tightened up since Jordy got in, or the entrance is around the front, which you can’t easily see from the outside as it faces the US housing base.  Best go early doors if you fancy getting in.  And ask someone who’s been inside.

A beautiful Haikyo, and well worth hiking up a massive hill.  Recommended, even if you don’t go in.

My last look as I went back to the station.


Thanks for reading!

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1 Response to Negishi Racecourse Grandstand.

  1. Timothy Allmond says:

    Makes me homesick! Thanks for sharing. When you’re raised in the military and spend a lot of your youth overseas, the advantage of driving to a former neighborhood is not an option. We have to “Google” ours!

    Liked by 1 person

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