Abandoned Factory, Nagoya.

Little walk on a Sunday morning, and I found this abandoned factory/workshop.

Nice rusty front, and smashed window on the side to get a look in.   Lots of old bicycles and tools, paint etc inside.  Access would be easy due to the smashed window, but at 11 am on a Sunday morning right next to a busy road, no way for a Gaijin to sneak in.  Also, took 2 photos of the interior, but one seems to have disappeared. Sadly. 

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Photo Post.

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Photo Post.

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Up and Down a Hill in Nagasaki.

On a rainy afternoon in Nagasaki, I decided to climb up a massive hill which doubles as a humongous graveyard in the rain.  As you do.

Anyway, I could get some nice panoramic shots of the city.



Near the top, I found a lone, red shoe.


Then the hotel at the top of the hill.   Looks great from a distance, but up close….


Then some more panoramic shots.



Next it was time to go down the other side.


Through loads of houses, and winding paths.  Also, I found this odd house under a road!


I’d just come down the stairs on the left.

Some views on the way down.


Then, this abandoned gate.


Then, looking back at where I’d come from, I saw this abandoned house, completely overgrown.


Next was an abandoned looking apartment building.


A look back up some of the stairs I’d come down.


And finally, I reached the bottom.


That’s it.  Thanks for reading.


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Mihara 三原。

So, it’s time to complete my report on Mihara, in Hiroshima prefecture. I covered the most interesting thing I found, the completely overgrown apartment building elsewhere, so now I’ll show you the rest, in chronological order.

So, getting off the shinkansen, I saw this in the station:


Mihara is famous for octopus, and octopus based products.


Sign behind says “Delicious! Mihara octopus”.

Leaving the station, I started the 20 odd minute walk to work. About to cross a river, I saw this:




It’s a gas storage tank. Not something you see everyday, bit v they often have cute pictures on like this in Japan.

Next, wandered down a side street, and found my first abandonment of the day.




Interesting a little house, with a ground floor garage and some nice rusty stairs going up to the second floor.




Gotta love those stairs! Some other nice detail along the front, too. Next, let’s look down the side.




Next, a couple of odd buildings and a nice mountain.




Then, I found this mostly abandoned apartment building.


Looks like some people were still living in the apartments at the far end, so I just took a few pictures.




And the other side.


Then I took the small road behind the left side of the apartment building. You can always find something abandoned in the small streets in Japan. And so I did. This house.








That yellow sign in the window it’s a for sale sign.



Not that I fancy their chances pig selling it. For one, there it’s, this massive crack.


And the fact that the massively overgrown garden smelt like a cat toilet. More accurately, it smelt like a cat had used the garden as a toilet, then died in there. It stank. It was a health hazard!

Still, it had a nice mailbox.



Then I found the overgrown apartment building, then out was off to Itozaki station to go home. But that was half abandoned, too!




The door to the building on the left.


And some pictures from the left hand side off this building.




This is the building on the right.


Then it was off to Mihara station, via Hiroshima Carp baseball team painted train!


Thanks for reading!

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Negishi Racecourse Grandstand.

One of the most famous abandoned places in Japan, I knew it had been well documented, such as in this report by Jordy Meow.   However, being in Yokohama and having a little time to kill before my Shikansen left, as the the train pulled into Negishi station, I decided to jump off and check it out at the last moment.

It was the correct decision.

After clambering up a massive hill, I followed the map until i found the United States Fleet housing complex, and then I saw it:


It was big.  And impressive.


So I had a look around at it’s beautiful, plant covered towers.

From the back of the grandstand.

WP_20151005_16_43_42_Pro WP_20151005_16_43_12_Pro

WP_20151005_16_43_00_Rich  This is the front, which would have been facing the race track.


Walking around the back, a warning sign….

WP_20151005_16_46_16_Pro WP_20151005_16_46_41_Pro WP_20151005_16_46_25_Pro

I walked around to the other end.

WP_20151005_16_49_55_Rich WP_20151005_16_50_46_Rich WP_20151005_16_51_14_Pro

I was slightly confused at this point, as Jordy had described it as a fortress, but it backs onto a park, which would be empty in the early morning, and than all you’d need to do is hop the fence.  Not so tough.  But how to get inside?  I looked around for an entry point.

WP_20151005_16_47_08_Pro WP_20151005_16_47_54_Pro WP_20151005_16_48_50_Rich WP_20151005_16_48_59_Rich WP_20151005_16_49_26_Rich WP_20151005_16_47_30_Pro WP_20151005_16_47_20_Pro

Nothing stood out.  Except the security camera…..

Either things have been tightened up since Jordy got in, or the entrance is around the front, which you can’t easily see from the outside as it faces the US housing base.  Best go early doors if you fancy getting in.  And ask someone who’s been inside.

A beautiful Haikyo, and well worth hiking up a massive hill.  Recommended, even if you don’t go in.

My last look as I went back to the station.


Thanks for reading!

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It’s Under There Somewhere…..

So my work took me to Mihara near Hiroshima for the first time ever last week.  Despite recommendations to get a taxi from the station to where I was working, naturally I walked to see if I could find any interesting abandonment. And I wasn’t disappointed…..

I found a great abandoned house on the way to work, and another abandoned house and an abandoned apartment building on the way back to the station.  However, they are nothing compared to this completely overgrown apartment building, so I’ll stick them all together in another post.

Anyway, walking around some tiny back streets searching for things to photograph, I saw this……

WP_20151001_15_28_12_Pro WP_20151001_15_28_28_Pro WP_20151001_15_28_35_Pro

An apartment building completely engulfed in plants!  So naturally, I spent the next 20 minutes trying to capture it from all angles.

No way to go up the stairs.

WP_20151001_15_28_45_Pro WP_20151001_15_28_51_Pro

The top floor is completely overgrown!

WP_20151001_15_30_02_Rich WP_20151001_15_30_47_Pro

As is the ground floor.

WP_20151001_15_30_40_Pro WP_20151001_15_29_21_Pro

There are some nice details, like this pipe.


The door (locked, not that I wanted to enter anyway. too much of a health hazard, and I’d already been spotted at this point…).


And the partially hidden electricity meter.


There was a half open door at the other end of the building, so I had a look inside.

WP_20151001_15_29_29_Pro WP_20151001_15_29_55_Rich WP_20151001_15_29_45_Rich WP_20151001_15_30_14_Rich

A store for old bottles?  Not sure if it’s in current use, or these are long abandoned, so I left it.

Next, I walked around the other end of the building.


Turns out there is a car park around the back of the apartment building, so I went and had a look at the other side.

WP_20151001_15_32_04_Pro WP_20151001_15_32_15_Pro WP_20151001_15_32_27_Pro WP_20151001_15_32_42_Pro

At this point, an elderly gentleman approached me, and asked me what I was doing.  So I explained to him in Japanese that I like old, abandoned buildings, and I was just taking a few pictures.  He seemed happy enough with that, so I asked him a few questions.  Turns out this building  had about 5 apartments in it, but had been abandoned for quite a few years.

This is one of my favorite finds ever, but not the best thing I saw that day.  In the complex I was working in that day, there was a huge, rotting, rusting factory.  Massive pipes and stuff everywhere!  Sadly, taking photos on company property is a big no-no, so I’ll leave you with a couple of images pinched from Google earth.

As it once looked.

MHI factory

It’s current rusted state.

MHI warehouse

Sadly, these images don’t do it justice at all……it must be about 500 meters by 50 meters of rusting abandonment, big holes rotted in the walls and everything.  So painful to walk past without taking a single picture….. 😦

I’ll make another post of the other buildings I found in Mihara.

Thanks for reading!

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